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Post by Admin on Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:57 am

First and foremost, the MST3k Caption Project is a not-for-profit, fan created project.

It was started out of love for my wife and a TV show I really wanted her to see and "get" and she does.
(As Joel Hodgson stated, and this is a quote that MSTie fans have repeated often; "The right people will get this.")

My wife is a non-native English speaker who can speak and understand the language; she just couldn't understand who was saying what.
Seriously, 3 people talking over a movie is a lot of dialogue for someone who can hear and doesn't know the show, the references and characters... let alone someone who is hearing impaired or deaf.

After realizing how tough it must be to watch this show if you're hearing impaired,
it became even more imperative that this be captioned correctly so that everyone can enjoy this.

And it's not just for the deaf and hard of hearing.
There are many MSTies that have kids, who can't blast the volume while their kids are asleep.
There are millions who speak English as a second language, and it's an incredibly fun way to practice reading it in print
and laughing themselves silly at the same time.
There are future MSTies who have never seen it.  But, if the episodes are subtitled into their language, a whole new wave of fans are born and those who HAVE seen it, but had to give up due to the language barrier, will return.
There are people who want to watch this at work, or on a plane or bus or train, and don't wish to disturb anyone…  or get in trouble!

The goal of the MST3k Caption Project is to provide 100% accurate and complete, easy to read captions.  There may be a missing word here or there,  but it will be 99.9% complete.

That means you get all the songs, noises and words spoken, mumbled and muttered from Joel and the bots, plus dialogue for the entire movie, plus karaoke-style songs!

Our dialogue actually "follows" the actors on screen... and there is karaoke-styled fun for the songs.
Each cast character is uniquely color coded so you know who's speaking which line.
We feel you deserve to see every grunt, giggle, snort, guffaw & snoring sound there are that we can catch.

With standard captions, this just can't be done.

Try this- watch a Shout! captioned episode and mute the volume and see if you can follow it.
Try one you haven't seen in a while.
Or, show the same episode (the same way) to someone who doesn't know the show or maybe is interested in the new season.
Standard captions just don't work for this show... but the MST3k Caption Projects do!

We hope you enjoy watching this version of our most beloved show!

The MST3k Caption Project Team

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